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Agent Talks: Best Practices With The Real Pro Team

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There are many different ways to keep in touch with your sphere, including social media, but Brad Gore and Ken Bowmen with The Real Pro Team have discovered great success with Facebook Watch! Here are their best practices for producing videos on that platform.

The Method

Facebook Watch is part of the video service Facebook offers and we found it was a great way to stay in touch with our sphere. We specifically chose to produce these Real Estate Geeks videos in the rolling REALTOR® studio to make it a little more interesting for folks to watch. Plus, when they see our van around town, that added connection will be there as well. You have the option in Facebook videos for these to be part of a series, so that’s what we’ve done – we typically do two seasons a year and six episodes a season. Five are pre-taped and the sixth is usually a live episode.

The Content

Most of our videos are between 10 – 15 minutes long. We give general real estate advice in a very informal setting and we have fun with it! The videos are very easy to send out – we send them to our sphere and current clients through our CRM, but you can send them via VideoFizz or Bombomb. It keeps your face in front of your people and it makes you a little more real to them. They’ll be able to connect with you and see that you’re ready to help them!

The Equipment

We both wear a microphone and record the videos with an iphone! We also have a wide-angle lens we purchased on Amazon that we attach to the iphone to make sure the picture is wide enough for both of us to be in the frame.

The Results

Our average view time is 8 minutes and we’ll get around 5,000 views a week!

To learn more, reach out to The Real Pro Team at [email protected].